Which size is the right one?

Underwear covers and protects the most sensitive areas of our body. That's why lingerie should be made of the best material quality and be comfortable to wear. This is especially true for laundry that we wear all day. The correct size is particularly important so that we feel really comfortable in our lingerie. Nothing should cut in or leave marks. Sounds obvious, but it isn't. Almost every second woman wears the wrong bra size.*

How is the right bra size determined and why is it so important?

A bra should shape and support perfectly and thus perfectly show off our breasts. In addition, the bra must not cut in under any circumstances. To avoid this, first determine the correct underbust size (e.g. 75 or 80). If the bra has underwires, they must not cut in but should gently frame the breasts. This is affected by the correct cup size (perhaps a B or C cup).

This table will help you determine your bra size. How to correctly determine the scope is explained below. Tip: Use cross sizes. For example, if the bra in 75 B feels too tight, 80 A might be a better size. If 80 B is too big, but the cup fits perfectly, then 75 C is the smaller sister size.


Unterbrustumfang = Underbust measurement   

BH-Größe = BRA size

Cup-Größe = CUP size

Brustumfang messen = Measure chest circumference


By the way, the right bra size is very important, especially if you have large and heavy breasts, in order to avoid damage to your health. Incorrect sizing can cause neck, back and headaches if the weight of the breasts is not optimally distributed and supported, putting more strain on the neck and back.

How to measure the bra size:

Find a tape measure, undress your upper body, stand upright in front of the mirror and continue to breathe normally - don't hold your breath or suck in your stomach

1. Measure underbust

Wrap the tape measure around your torso just below your chest. The band should be straight around the body, neither too tight nor too loose. It is important not to be too loose, because the underbust band forms the support of the bra. A look in the mirror helps to check whether the measuring tape is straight and, as a guideline, a finger should still fit between the tape and your body. Read and note the value.

2. Measure chest circumference

Wrap the tape measure around your torso at nipple level and hold it across the widest part of your chest. The measuring tape should fit snugly and slightly flatten the nipples. The measuring tape must not cut into it, but it must not be too loose either. Check again in the mirror whether the measuring tape runs straight around the body. Read and note the value.

3. With these two values, the correct bra size can now be read from the table above.

Table for the right size of panties and thongs

Wrap the tape measure around the hips at the widest point, not too tight and not too loose. Check in the mirror that the tape runs straight around your body and that you should be able to fit a finger between the tape measure and your body. Read the value, write it down and assign the appropriate size here.

(Hüftumfang = Hip circumference)

Ah yes... and please don't cheat

No matter what the numbers on the tape measure say, these numbers are only a guide to finding the right size and are by no means an assessment of your body. Why should it, every body is beautiful in its own unique way.