6 gute Gründe, warum Du einen BH tragen solltest

6 good reasons why you should wear a bra

After a certain age and the more breast you have, you start wearing a bra. This was hardly discussed until a few years ago. There are now lively discussions that escalate to women's rights. But that's not the point here. At fishbelly, we believe there are good reasons to wear a bra.

1. A bra for support

A good bra supports your breasts without digging in or leaving indentations. You don't even feel a really good bra when you're wearing it. In return, it also provides full support for your shoulders. This factor is particularly important in the case of large breasts, because then it can prevent neck and back pain from developing.

2. Free movement

If you move around during the day, maybe even run faster, the bra can fully exploit another part of its benefit: it keeps your breasts in one place. Plastically speaking, they don't bounce up and down. This is not only uncomfortable for large breasts. However, an often underestimated factor also comes into play with daily exercise: whether you have large or small breasts or anything in between, your bra also supports the weight of your breasts, which would otherwise have to be borne by your back.

3. The self-confidence

Hardly anyone sees it under normal circumstances, but a nice bra can give your self-confidence an incredible boost. Because you yourself know what great underwear you are wearing and this factor has an empowering effect on your subconscious. In addition, of course, your bra also affects how your clothes fit and thus has a direct impact on your look that you should not underestimate.

4. Protection from prying eyes

You know those people who scrutinize you very closely when you're not wearing a bra, you might be showing them the exact shape of your breasts and maybe even your nipples. Especially in the professional environment, it is still felt to be rather inappropriate to be so freely on the go. Your bra also protects you from prying eyes and it can prevent embarrassing situations at work.

5. Protection from gravity

Whether breasts are large or small, gravity pulls on the tissue over time and sooner or later causes the breasts to sag. This is an effect you should definitely avoid. When you wear a bra, the fabric is well supported and gravity can no longer affect it..

6. May it be something more?

Even if you can stand by your natural curves in your everyday life and your breasts are big enough for you, sometimes it just has to be a little more. This can be the dress or top that has a wider cut, or the appointment where you want to have a little more bust size. Then an underwired bra can provide slight support, or you can go all out with a push-up bra that conjures up an exciting décolleté.

BH yes but which oner?

The decisive factor for the effectiveness of a bra is whether you are wearing the right bra at all. Surveys have shown that quite a few women always find their bra somewhat uncomfortable. But why is that Very simple: Most women buy their lingerie somewhere without ever having measured the right size. Even when it comes to shape, not a few women miss it. If you are unsure whether you are one of these women and especially if you always have problems with the comfort of your bras, we will be happy to advise you. Just come to us in the fishbelly lingerie shop in Berlin's Hackesche Höfe and have your bra size determined. There we can also advise you on the different bra shapes. Once you wear the right bra, you will notice the difference from the first minute and only then can all the great effects really kick in..

Please also remember that it makes no sense to wear a bra 24/7. You don't need all the great effects that your bra brings during the day at night. Give your breasts a little break. Because even the best bra doesn't fit as loosely as your sleeping clothes.

Do you still have questions about the perfect bra or about our great range of lingerie or our fishbelly collection Then please don't hesitate, to contact us. In addition to our own handmade lingerie, we also carry other selected lingerie brands that specialize in large cup sizes, for example. Especially with large cups, the balance between a sophisticated fit and aesthetics is particularly important, because the bra should not only provide support, but also look beautiful and seductive.

Extra tip: bras for special moments

Our fishbelly collection specializes in the fine little naughty lingerie pieces. In the bra area, these are frame bras, i.e. bras that only frame the bare breasts, bra ouverts - also known as peephole bras, which have tempting openings in exciting places, or open bra straps that lift the breasts from below and push to present the décolleté in a particularly seductive manner.n.

Whichever bra you choose, we look forward to seeing you!

Then see you soon in our lingerie studio and lingerie shop in Berlin-Mitte, in the Hackesche Höfe in Hof 7, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, 10178 Berlin.

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