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Personalized lingerie handmade in Berlin

Incomparably individual: Your personalized lingerie handmade in Berlin

Berlin is known for its diverse and creative fashion scene. But in addition to the big brands and well-known labels, there are also many small, independent designer brands that create unique garments with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. Especially in the lingerie sector, there is a growing scene of lovers who appreciate the advantages of personalized and handmade lingerie, and not only in Berlin.

Seductive lingerie by fishbelly lingerie

At fishbelly we specialize in sexy lingerie and offer a wide range of quality and alluring styles. We believe every woman has the right to feel confident and sensual, and we're proud to help make that happen with lingerie that's the most seductive. Lingerie is not just a fashion accessory, it also strengthens a woman's self-confidence and sensuality. Here are some reasons why sexy lingerie is so important:

  • With self-confidence to a radiant appearance: A seductive lingerie set not only conjures up a stunning silhouette, but also a new self-confidence. Wrapping up in sexy lingerie can help you feel more comfortable and confident in yourself. Because if you feel beautiful and attractive, you radiate it. Rely on your femininity and present yourself from your sensual side
  • Sensuality: A sensual charisma can work wonders - and sexy lingerie plays an important role in this. Wearing seductive underwear automatically makes us feel more confident and attractive. This, in turn, can lead to a more intense and fulfilling time together. So treat yourself to something special and experiment with different styles and materials. Who knows what exciting experiences you will have with it...
  • An exciting relationship: Arouse the desire and attention of your partner with seductive lingerie and enjoy the results with relish.
  • Diversity: At fishbelly there is a large selection of sexy lingerie styles, from classic lingerie sets and seductive bodysuits to daring bras and crotchless panties, i.e. with exciting openings and delicate spots. This allows you to express your personality and style and try a variety of looks.
  • Quality: There is too much cheap lingerie out there. Our sexy lingerie is made from high-quality materials that feel comfortable against the skin and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

fishbelly lingerie - handmade in Berlin

fishbelly lingerie is handmade in our studio in Berlin-Mitte. There are many options in the world of lingerie, but few labels offer the opportunity to customize lingerie. And that is exactly what is possible in our Berlin studio: With a lot of manual work and attention to detail, even personalized lingerie is created here, which is tailored to the needs and wishes of the customers. In this blog post we take a closer look at the world of fishbelly lingerie and find out what makes handmade lingerie so special.

Handmade lingerie is not only unique, but also particularly high-quality and durable. Each piece is made with great care and attention to detail. High-quality materials such as silk, lace or the finest embroidery are often used, which ensure that they are comfortable to wear and are also a visual highlight.

Handmade lingerie vs. industrially produced lingerie: What are the advantages of handmade lingerie?

Handmade lingerie is often considered a luxury as it tends to cost a little more than factory made lingerie. But what are the benefits of handmade lingerie?

fishbelly lingerie set handmade in Berlin
  • Custom Fit: Handmade lingerie is often tailored to the customer's individual measurements, resulting in a perfect fit. In contrast, industrially manufactured lingerie is often produced in standard sizes that do not always fit perfectly.
  • Quality Materials: Handmade lingerie is often made from quality materials that last longer and feel better than the materials used in industrial production.
  • Attention to detail: Handmade lingerie is often made with great attention to detail. Each piece is carefully hand stitched and decorated resulting in a unique and high quality product.
  • Sustainability: Handmade lingerie is often produced in small batches to reduce the environmental impact. In contrast, industrially manufactured lingerie is often produced in large quantities, resulting in a higher environmental impact.
  • Supporting Small Businesses: When you buy handmade lingerie, you often support small businesses and independent designers who specialize in creating handmade lingerie.

Although handmade lingerie is often a little more expensive than industrially produced lingerie, it offers many advantages and arguments that justify the purchase. If you are looking for a unique and high quality piece of lingerie, it is worth considering handmade lingerie.

Personalized lingerie by fishbelly Berlin

Our lingerie is handmade. So we can offer another special service: personalized lingerie! Personalized lingerie is a wonderful way to give yourself or someone special a unique gift. It's not just about choosing the right size and fit, but also about choosing materials, colors and details that correspond exactly to your own ideas. We at fishbelly therefore offer individual advice and production in our Berlin studio in order to create the perfect lingerie. Each piece is made by hand and adapted to the individual needs and wishes of the customer. But how does a personalized lingerie order come about at fishbelly lingerie and what steps are necessary?

    • Consultation: The first step in placing a personalized lingerie order with fishbelly Lingerie is a consultation. Here the customer can express her wishes and needs and discuss the details of the order with the designer.
      • Taking measurements: After the consultation, the customer is measured to ensure that the lingerie fits perfectly. All important measurements such as chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference are determined.
        • Design: After the dimensions have been determined, the designer begins to create the design. The wishes and needs of the customer are taken into account and an individual design is created
          • Material selection: The material is then selected. fishbelly lingerie only uses high-quality materials such as silk, lace and modal to ensure that the lingerie not only fits perfectly, but is also comfortable to wear.
            • Production: Once the design and material have been chosen, production begins. Each piece is hand stitched and embellished to ensure it is perfectly tailored to the client.
              • Fitting: After production, the lingerie is sent to the customer so that she can try it on and have adjustments made if necessary.
                • Finishing: After the fitting, any adjustments are made and the lingerie is finished. The result is lingerie that is perfectly tailored to the customer, which not only looks beautiful, but is also a very special one-off.

                Sometimes it is also very simple and existing lingerie from the own collection is only individually adjusted. We are happy to advise you.

                  fishbelly atelier - handmade lingerie

                  Extra tip: Repair instead of disposal

                  The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. The rapid changing of trends and the mass production of garments mean that more and more clothes are thrown away. Many items of clothing are even thrown away without being worn, which leads to an enormous environmental impact.
                  At fishbelly we are aware of this issue and want to do our part to reduce the environmental impact.
                  That is why we offer repair services to our customers. If lingerie is damaged or no longer fits, it does not necessarily have to be thrown away. Often it can be repaired or adjusted to make it wearable again. Not only can our atelier make lingerie, but we also help our customers to salvage their favorite lingerie if the strap is torn, the underwire is missing, or adjust the bra if the size is no longer correct.

                  By repairing lingerie, we can help reduce the amount of clothing thrown away. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but also saves resources and energy needed in the production of new garments. We want to encourage our customers to repair and customize their garments instead of throwing them away. Because sustainability in the fashion industry is an important step to protect our environment and create a better future for future generations.

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                  PS The bra in the photo above has three different trims to choose from. Did you notice it and which one would you choose?

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