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It's showtime, sexy ladies!

So now you've treated yourself to the super sexy new hot lingerie set and want to surprise your sweetheart. How about a very private demonstration?

How about surprising your darling with a striptease or a burlesque dance in lingerie? If you feel comfortable dancing, this is nothing to be afraid of. It's actually very easy to move seductively while slowly undressing layer by layer. To that end, here's a little tutorial for inspiration:

Prepare yourself: Choose the right outfit, because you need not only seductive lingerie, but also something over it to undress little by little. So what would you like to wear over the lingerie? It needs to feel sexy and also be easy to take off. Maybe just start with a skirt and a blouse. Added benefit: a blouse has buttons (...!!).

So it will look very tempting if you very slowly open the blouse button by button. Because, a good striptease should be slow and sensual, with delay tactics to build the tension. You like role-playing? Then you can also opt for a naughty French maid or nurse costume. Anything that pleases you both is allowed.

Then choose your lingerie. This is a simple task. Get inspired by the latest lingerie trends and then choose your favorite pieces that you feel absolutely comfortable in: maybe the new provocative open cup bra with the small matching transparent panties and of course with the absolute must-have for the perfect striptease: garters and the matching gossamer stockings. Make sure everything fits well and you feel sexy and confident in your chosen lingerie. Got your outfit? Great! Then just add some killer high heels, apply your most beguiling perfume and beautiful makeup, maybe with false eyelashes, and give your hair a seductive out-of-bed look or turn into a stranger with a wig for extra excitement.

Now prepare your stage: Choose music you like, provide seductive lighting and add a chair or a small table that will support your sexy movements.

Also think about your inner attitude: you are the hot seductive star of the night, feel confident and sensual in your new sexy lingerie, be playful and move slowly. Keep eye contact, show your best seductive smile and enjoy the game! Striptease is all about stimulation and desire. Suggest a subliminal promise of more. Make your sweetheart want you so much by touching yourself and sending secret messages with your eyes. Drive him crazy while he can only watch and not touch you (...yet!).

Practice your choreographies: move your body, hips up and down, move, touch yourself, your face, your hair, your body, bend forward and show your sexy cleavage, use the chair to play (maybe sit on the chair and briefly open your legs for a Sharon Stone moment), but all very SLOW and seductive. Take your time seducing your sweetheart. Maybe watch some videos of the queen of the art of stylish undressing Dita Von Teese for inspiration.

This is how you undress: Turn away from your lover, undress, turn around, hold the garment in your hand and then carefully throw it in your sweetheart's direction. When you're down to just bra and panties, make sure you're wearing your high heels to keep your sexy body tension. Then take off your bra and panties. But still cover your private parts with your hands first and then take them away while you turn to your darling and give him your most seductive smile. Walk around naked in your high heels. Let him (or her?) see how beautiful you are!

How would that feel? If you're still a bit shy, try a zoom meeting and send your sweetheart into the next room for that. It will be even more exciting if you allow him to give you some instructions online.

And if you don't like dancing, send sexy selfies in seductive poses and wear your new sexy lingerie! You will be surprised by the results! If you're proud of the photos, post them on Instagram for a candy storm. Feel free to tag us, especially if you're wearing our collection.

Okay, do you feel inspired? Then you're ready to go! We wish you a lot of fun. ^_^

Haven't you found the right lingerie for your star appearance yet? No problem, in our own fishbelly collection there is so much beautiful lingerie for your perfect burlesque performance. There are sexy open cup bras, hot bralettes, garter belts, ouvert panties and also stimulating beaded thongs (remember the scene with Samantha from SATC...?...!) Our lingerie is very seductive, but never looks cheap. This is very important to us, because you should feel irresistible and comfortable and thus make your sweetheart marvel.

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