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Handmade lingerie - unique and just for you

There are many reasons for handmade lingerie. It's even nicer to have lingerie made to order.

It's a fashion classic to let beautiful bras or bustiers peek out from under a cardigan or blazer. As a rule, our beautiful lingerie is invisible to most people. However, the proud wearer knows exactly about the miracle effect of beautiful underwear, especially when it is a handmade one-off piece and possibly even lovingly made according to your own wishes in our small studio in Berlin.

fishbelly Berlin - Handmade Lingerie

The miraculous effect of lingerie

The age-old saying “clothes make the man” sums it up: what we wear as clothing has a major impact on our appearance and on how we are perceived. It is not without reason that we choose certain outfits for certain situations, from sporty to casual to smart and formal. It's very similar with underwear. So we have functional bras for sports, lace bralettes for a romantic date and maybe even sexy open cup bras for a particularly hot date in the lingerie drawer..
The influence that beautiful lingerie has on us should not be underestimated, on our mood and also on our well-being, because lingerie is worn directly on the skin and comes closest to us (that’s where the word lingerie comes from, by the way, derived from the French word for underneath).”).
Lingerie has a direct influence on our body awareness, our self-confidence and accordingly on how we feel. Just knowing what underwear we are wearing and how sensual we look in it can strengthen us and give us security. Sophisticated lingerie is our secret superpower to make us feel irresistible. Beautiful lingerie envelops our bodies, supporting us where we need it, emphasizing and embellishing certain areas. In short: lingerie is another form of body jewelry and allows us to decorate and show how we like to see ourselves.
Just as well-fitting, beautiful lingerie can do us good, lingerie that doesn't fit properly and we don't like can unsettle us. That's why good advice when buying lingerie is also very important. Has my body changed? Pinching the underwire Is the bra shape ideal for me? These are all questions that we are happy to answer expertly in a relaxed atmosphere in our studio in Berlin-Mitte. For our dear regular customers, we are also happy to sift through the existing favorite bras to see if they still fit, because the elastane of the elastic materials loses its elasticity over time through wearing and washing and the fit suffers as a result.m.

Custom-made lingerie - the perfect lingerie for you

We've all experienced it: the panties in size M are a bit tight, but in size L they're a little flatter, or the bra in cup size B doesn't close perfectly on the side while the C cup is a bit too big. This is simply because the female body does not fit into a template, but rather every woman has her own individual curves and her own body shape. And while this often doesn't have too many consequences with regular clothing, it does play a big role with lingerie. Because lingerie should fit perfectly and adapt seamlessly to the female body.
Because lingerie is worn directly on the skin, the material should also be selected very carefully. The material has a major impact on comfort. On the one hand, it should feel soft on the skin and, on the other hand, ensure that we feel held. It should be of high quality, possibly environmentally friendly and not treated with too many chemicals and dyes, while also maintaining certain hygienic standards - especially if the fabric covers our private parts. Especially in summer you should pay attention to breathable and skin-friendly materials (for briefs, for example, cotton gussets).
This is exactly where made-to-measure lingerie comes into play, because you can choose the material. If you have skin insensitivities, then we recommend underwear made of 100% silk or cotton. Next you can decide how sexy you want your new lingerie to look. Simply select from our available models and materials and your dream lingerie will be created.
You will receive handmade lingerie that is exactly what you want, and you can celebrate your body in all its beauty and live out your individual feminine side to the full.

fishbelly Berlin ethically made Lingerie

Ethically made - the icing on the cake when it comes to lingerie

"Who Made My Clothes": Not only in the materials but also in the production there is another point that contributes to the perfect lingerie: sustainability. Because just like the fashion industry in general, the lingerie industry as part of it also contributes to environmental pollution and unethical working conditions worldwide. Many cheap companies have their products manufactured in low-wage countries, where working conditions are often not so perfect.
This is mainly due to the fact that production is often outsourced to emerging or developing countries, where both nature conservation and the protection of workers are handled very laxly or non-existent. On the one hand, toxic substances are used in production, which then pollute the flora and fauna, while on the other hand, the working conditions for the people working are extremely stressful and even dangerous.
The situation is different with lingerie that is manufactured sustainably. Here, attention is paid to environmental compatibility and ethical working conditions both in the selection of materials and in production. So you can be sure that you are not only wearing high-quality fabrics on your skin, but also that nobody was exploited for the production.

Because what could be nicer than feeling good, beautiful, strong and feminine and at the same time knowing that you have made a sustainable and ethical decision?

fishbelly lingerie - handmade lingerie from Berlin

We support sustainability. That's why we do everything we can to offer you handmade lingerie made from the most environmentally friendly materials possible, which put your body in the right light and support you in your entire being. Our lingerie is made in Berlin in the well-known Hackesche Höfe with great attention to detail and great creativity. To avoid overstock and waste, we produce to order. fishbelly designs are timeless and designed to last and provide many years of enjoyment.
The fishbelly collection is also sold internationally. We develop the designs and sample parts in our Berlin studio. There we are just as happy to produce unique handmade lingerie for you, according to your ideas and thus make your wishes come true - always with the aim of making sustainability and beautiful lingerie one.

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fishbelly Berlin - handmade Lingerie

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