"Dessous-Darling" fishbelly in der Séparée

"Lingerie darling" fishbelly in the Séparée Magazine

Yes....I know...this is not actually a blog post but a press release, so my blog author name is wrong. The article in the Séparée is by Lea Becker and so well written that it would be a shame not to be able to read it in full. Many thanks again to the Séparée team. And -It's worth buying the magazine at the kiosk.


Lingerie darling FISHBELLY

The finest handmade lingerie in Berlin: Designer Jutta Teschner not only produces chic lingerie in her own studio for her fishbelly brand: she also sells exclusive international brands in the associated boutique in the middle of the capital.

Sexy, sensual and always worth a sin: the lingerie from the Berlin label fishbelly. The lingerie designer Jutta Teschner in Berlin lovingly and precisely handcrafts the favorite pieces of elegant, extremely delicate French lace or soft silk that caresses the skin. The style Sometimes decorated with exciting accessories such as shiny pearls, playful fringes or lavish embroidery.
The Berliner likes to be inspired by the burlesque era with its aesthetics of seduction and the play with sensual stimuli. This is how bras, corsages, panties and negligees are created that perfectly master the art of clever omission and covering and leave enough room for individual fantasies. The experienced lingerie lover explains: My lingerie stands for self-confident sexiness. For the seductive play with feminine charms that is always coquettish, somewhat provocative, perhaps a little frivolous and always tempting..“

One store, several international labels

It is clear that women need a bit of courage to wear fishbelly styles. Because the creations show a lot of bare skin and are often crotchless. You can't be bashful or shy, or maybe that's exactly the attraction! Find out! You can either shop online at fishbelly or get personal advice from Jutta Teschner in the store in Berlin-Mitte. She opened her lingerie empire in Hof VII in the popular Hackesche Höfe in September 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. The plan was for her customers to be able to browse, marvel, touch and try on to their heart's content in the tastefully furnished large sales room. Stylish lingerie, playful babydolls and sexy panties from well-known brands such as Marlies Dekkers or the sustainable Danish brand Unterprotection hang neatly on hangers and invite you to try them on. an.

Made-to-measure lingerie and material of your choice

If you don't find what you are looking for here, you are welcome to examine the fine fabrics, fine lace, elegant ribbons and borders in the studio and design your own favorite pieces together with the designer. Jutta Teschner also offers repairs if, for example, your favorite bra shows small damage.

A life for and with lingerie

Her own brand fishbelly has been around for 15 years, when she founded the small, fine and exquisite label right after completing her fashion studies in Berlin. A lot has happened since then and she has had a lot of successes: Her collections have already graced several shop windows at KaDeWe and have been sold at renowned fashion houses such as Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Victoria's Secret in Las Vegas and Ludwig Beck in Munich.
In 2012, Julia Teschner initially interrupted her triumphal procession, which she had started so successfully in Berlin, and went to Hong Kong. At first she worked here as a fashion lecturer, before getting a permanent position as a designer at the world-famous German lingerie brand Triumph. After a while she felt like reviving her own brand and quickly opened her own little boutique on Hollywood Road in Soho, right in the heart of Hong Kong. From there she supplied the London-based internet giant Asos with her provocative designs.

From Berlin to Hong Kong and back again

She looks back on this time wistfully, proudly and with pleasure. She made the decision to leave Hong Kong and her own boutique there to return to Germany in 2018. She sold the business in the Far East and moved into a shop in Hackesche Höfe in 2020, where she breathed new life into fishbelly, because she became clear that their fine, handmade and very exclusive pieces were difficult to reconcile with the Made in China label. Also, this address is a better flagship than Made in Hong Kong for the European lingerie fashion market, which it mainly serves.ent.

Lockdown lingerie

However, she had not expected that her new opening in Berlin would fall in the middle of the pandemic. The Christmas business collapsed as well as important trade fairs and curious walk-in customers. But Jutta Teschner remains optimistic: I'm sure there will be a time after the crisis. Until then, it's only an advantage that I'm small and flexible here in Berlin. When the worst is over here, the zest for life returns. And with full force, I firmly believe in that. Then all those who are currently thinking lockdown, I don’t need anything, will really treat themselves. So much perseverance, courage and optimism should be rewarded. Where we will shop for our next lingerie At fishbelly, of course, in the spirit of Support your locals. After all, the (laundry) economy urgently needs to be stimulated againt werden…🖤

Separee Magazin Cover Sommer 2021

Séparée magazine summer 2021, no. 29

pages 92-94

Author: Lea Becker

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