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10 sensual ideas for Valentine's Day

Love is all you need, especially in Corona times. Here are 10 ideas how to make Valentine's Day extra special for your sweetheart this year:

Herzen zum Valentinstag

1. Candlelight dinner
Going to a restaurant together has been cancelled, but a romantic candlelight dinner at home is at least as nice. Cooking together is fun and, as is well known, love goes through the stomach.

2. Chocolate Fondue
Dip strawberries, grapes or marshmallows in liquid warm chocolate hmmm delicious. ! Chocolate is always a good idea and an aphrodisiac food at that. Alternatively, you can lick the liquid chocolate directly off your partner's body..

3. Breakfast in bed
Bring your darling a hearty breakfast in bed, maybe with fresh heart-shaped waffles This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, so it can also be a snuggly day in bed.

4. Spa at home
A bubble bath together with scented candles, beautiful music and champagne! This is not only romantic, but serves the general well-being. A bubble bath relaxes and cleanses body and soul.

5. Sensual partner massage
From the loving partner massage with scented oils to the mind-blowing tantra massage, all variants are allowed and welcome. You don't have to be a massage pro, you simply listen to your sweetheart's feedback.

6. Exchanging love letters
Is there anything more romantic than writing a love letter to your sweetheart This time not as an electronic message, but a classic handwritten letter explaining why your sweetheart means so much to you..

7. Journey into the past
Remember your first date. Say why you fell in love with each other. It connects and reminds you why you chose each other, why you are together, and what makes your sweetheart so special to you.

8. Romantic surprise at bedtime
Amaze your sweetheart with rose petals on the bed. The unexpected surprise when he/she wasn't expecting it at all! Form a heart with the rose petals so that the message of love arrives.

9. Erotic game night
From truth or dare, spin the bottle to strip poker, anything goes. In a playful way you will learn more about your partner's fantasies and a game night is always fun.

10. Buy lingerie together
Has passion fallen asleep in lockdown? Seductive lingerie stimulates the imagination. Choose great lingerie together and look forward to the moment of seeing these sexy little pieces in action.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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